Flash animation

Is there any free software that makes flash animated slide show for website? I have pictures which I want to make slide show with. Don’t know how to use flash. Any ideas?

[FONT=Verdana]Flash is rapidly losing favour, not least because it is not suppported by iPad, iPhone etc.

Why not use a JavaScript slideshow? You can find any number of them available to download. If you use one that auto-plays, make sure it has user controls so that your visitors can pause it if they find it distracting.[/FONT]

Thanks for the kind advice. Is there any software you know which makes it easy to make java script animation or slide show?

I don’t really use them myself, but I know JQuery Cycle is popular. I have used [URL=“http://highslide.com/”]Highslide. But as I said, if you do a search for “JavaScript slideshow” or something similar, you should find any number of options.

I still using Adobe Flash Professional CS6 to do flash but not free. It worth to paid because i believe it the best tool to make flash .
Why not learn some HTML 5 which everyone is talking about …

I agree that it worth to pay Adobe Flash Professional CS6 to do flash.

Adobe Flash Professional CS6 is really very helpful for any animator along with that if you have the knowledge of HTML5 then it gives the best results.

One time i was listen animation is the best way to make cartoon and that time i was decided i will surely doing animation course and right now im able for that but im little confused that which institute can me teach perfectly? So friends if you know any institute which has teach good so please share with me those contact. Thanks In advance.