Flash to Javascript

Hi there,

A client of mine has asked me to change a flash component on his website to something that will work on the ipad/iphone etc. So my guess is that a javascript created slideshow would do the trick. Check out what I am meaning on this page:

It’s the flash with “Our Services” “Our Products” “Contact” in it.

Can anyone suggest a very easy javascript that I could manipulate to give this same scrolling effect on the click of a link. It needs to be very easy to make changes to as I have no js skills whatsoever other than copying, pasting and making minor changes to obvious pieces of script.

hope someone can help!


Yeah, but you want people to pay £19 to use it. I’d rather put up with jQuery’s presence and get a similar effect for free (and with smoother sliding too).

There are loads of free JS slideshows. And some people have compiled lists (see 4th result).

Yes, that’s veru much doable. In fact, it should be in JavaScript, not Flash.

This one seems good: http://jqueryfordesigners.com/coda-slider-effect/

Or maybe the AnythingSlider.

There’s a list of these things, you can try these out if the above two aren’t suitable.