Flash Slideshow

Any tutorials on how I can create a Flash animation similar to this one?

Do I actually need Adobe Flash to do this or is there an online generator?


I would advise against using Flash for a gallery. why?

  1. BAD SEO
  2. Security issues
  3. You need a third party tool to create/edit it
  4. You are forcing your users to have a Flash plugin installed to view the gallery.

I have a jQuery gallery that I use on my company page that is VERY similar.

Do a google search on jQuery galleries.

Why flash when it can be done using jQuery. Any particular reason?

No reason. Haven’t looked at jquery at all really. So looks like I will have to!!

Any tutorials on how to create something like below on jquery?

I want to create something like where the images change after a few seconds…


That’s a slideshow (or slider), and there are a blue million of them out there. I like this one: