How can ad my blogger in

please help me
how can ad my blogger in ?

Maybe you should do RSS submission to rss submission directories and search engines, for this purpose I am using Submit RSS and it brings good results and helps index my blog by many search engines.

Hi friend, You can submit your blog by submitting your blog url to Google by using Google Webmaster tool. Here is the link

seaarh for google url submit in gogole search and the you got a link to add url in gogole you have to open that and add your link.
another way you can add feed by feed burner or google feedreader and submit a sitemap in google webmaster tool.

Just to be clear about this. Are you saying you have a blog on Google’s Blogger platform? And you want it to appear in Google search results? Is that what you mean by “ad my blogger in”.

If so, it’s very simple. Log into your Blogger account, go to the Settings page, and under “Let search engines find your blog?” select Yes.

If that’s not what you meant … well, perhaps you could clarify.


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