How can a new website improve its Google index?

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Although my website is still relatively new, the index is pretty low. How can a new website improve its Google index?


This is a very generic question so you can only get generic answers.

  • Get backlinks. The easy way is using your own social media (instagram, facebook, etc.)
  • Keep on adding fresh and quality content regularly.
  • Investigate: what do people search about in relation to whatever your website is for? When there are lot of searches for a specific topic, it means that people are interested on that content. Those are ideas for future articles. If you chose those topics that have lots of searches but the smallest competition, your own site will grow faster.
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This is very true, gone are the days when you could load a web page with keywords and boost your ratings.

It is more about actually providing content that attracts people and adding fresh content that keeps them - and then wait!

You can research what people are searching for and the keywords or phrases they use for sure, but also look at how you word your page titles and descriptions and how much of the page info Google displays, because this will help determine if anybody clicks on the link.

You will not get a good rating based purely on design, it will depend if people visit, like, recommend and re-visit your site.

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You should improve your vebsite by such SEO criterias:

  • inner optimisation (content should be unique, try to avoid spam links);
  • external optimization (you need to get backlinks with good quality).

You can also do your competitors analysis to understand if you’re missing something important.

You must submit your pages to Google, via Search Console. Have you done that?
Here’s he Google guide on how to do that:

There’s no council or university degree related directly to SEO — and clearly no four- time marketing program is going to give you the specific specialized chops you ’d need to thrive in the SEO field but it’s rare to see a job description for an that does n’t list a Bachelor’s or original in some kind of affiliated field, like business, marketing or dispatches.

you can go for seo or ppc for it

In order to get your page indexed you need to put authoritative backlinks to your website. For getting such authoritative backlinks, you can try out guest posting. It helps in increasing the ranking and generates more traffic. You can also use a tool called Postifluence. This will surely help you in getting more traffic and index your website faster.

Another way to do it is to get from the start links on platforms that are frequently visited by Google’s spiders. Quora and Reddit links are perfect for that.
Once the spiders detect the link to your site on the pages of these sites, they will visit and index your site.
Certain SEO strategies include links from these 2 platforms, so it shouldn’t be a problem to get backlinks from there.

Among the alternatives, you also have tools such as the Omega Indexer, which I have also used in the past, but it turned out to be a waste of money. The pages were indexed with the same speed as without these tools.

Please write a lot of quality content, add backlinks to your website and submit a sitemap

Once a new website created then you must have to create sitemap and submit in Google web master tools which helps to index website in Google.

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Stay equipped with collections Save and categorize content material based totally on your preferences. Make positive your web site is full of unique, splendid content. Does your website online comply with the webmaster guidelines?

There are plenty of ways to do that, and most of them have already been listed in the thread. The strategy I support is generating high-quality content and inserting relevant backlinks there. It proves to be the most effective strategy in the 2022-23 period since Google has improved its anti-spam algorithms.