Hosting for Wordpress; 1and1 Hosting

[FONT=Georgia]Hello everyone out there:

I am a member of small, non-technical business. I am looking into building our site with Wordpress and the Catalyst theme framework,
because I need a solution that is inexpensive and requires little technical knowledge.

So I have two main questions:

  1. What web host offers the best combination of security and ease of use for Wordpress installations?

  2. Our web host is currently 1and1 Internet. While we have not experienced any problems with them to date,
    many people tell horror stories about 1and1’s customer service and cancellation procedures. In addition,
    it seems that other web hosts are much more recommended for Wordpress installations.

    So, can anyone offer suggestions on extricating one’s self from a 1and1 contract?
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.[/FONT]

i would just look for a shared hosting provider, the most recommended i would say would be hostgator, there support is most likely the best and they can offer 1 click WordPress install, they also if required would allow you to they will also transfer over your current website for free,

just read your actual question there about the contract, ill read threw it and see what i can find but have you actually tried speaking to a rep of there’s and found out what they are saying? its cant hurt if you ask about the cancellation

What host to chose depends on your requirements - in terms of bandwidth and resource requirements. Some hosts can be fine on simple static sites but awful when it comes to dynamic ones. And then some can be worse at heavy load dynamic ones.

I’m guessing as you are starting the wordpress, most simple shared systems should be ok but just be aware that if you expect lots of traffic to wordpress you might want to look at a little more.

I had no problem cancelling my hosting account with 1and1. I had a problem with the prorated refund going to a Paypal address I no longer owned, due to selling the site.

Anyway, 1and1’s shared hosting, with its limitations on database size, was overall very good, fast and stable, compared with the other big hosting companies.

There’s much talk about smaller companies being more flexible, keeping their servers more lightly loaded etc., and I believe there’s some truth into that. I also believe that they’re generally more poorly equipped to handle certain situations. I won’t even consider real disasters, but mundane things like 2 out of the say 3 people that form a small hosting company being severely affected by the flu, and a server having a hard drive malfunction while they’re bedridden. Support will suffer, and hopefully the 1 remaining able tech will be the technical wizard of the 3 (usually they’re not all equally talented).

My take about your hosting situation: if it ain’t broke yet, don’t fix it. Keep backups ready, have a hosting company name or two to move to jotted down, just in case. Have some money on your card/paypal.


You said: “1and1’s shared hosting…was overall very good, fast and stable, compared with the other big hosting companies.” Which companies
are those? Do you have experience with any of the larger companies on the Sitepoint web host review list? The ones that interest me most
are InMotion, HostGator, Host Monster, and BlueHost. I am not interested in dealing with a tiny company such as you described.

You suggested: “If it ain’t broke yet, don’t fix it.” Yes, I am partly inclined toward that route. But since I will have to switch plans with
1and1 from Windows hosting to Linux in order to use Wordpress, I may as well switch to another company that has a better reputation.
Another feature that I would prefer in a web host is telephone support based in the USA. If I have a problem, I would much rather talk
with a native English speaker than with someone on the other side of the globe who can barely speak English.

Since you are just starting out with a business, I would recommend a small shared Linux plan. That way you save on cost as well as get PHP with the Linux for the Wordpress script.

are InMotion, HostGator, Host Monster, and BlueHost.

Hostmonster and Bluehost have always been part of the same company, so it’s been the same service. I’ve tried Hostmonster for a while, and while it started off rather decent, it got worse over time. It is now owned by EIG, which owns a good many big hosting brands, which I recommend you stay away from:

I haven’t tried Inmotion. Hostgator has always been a good host in my experience. Another big host that I, surprisingly, had a decent experience with, would be Justhost, but they got bought by EIG as well, so I don’t really know how things will be there in the long run.

I may as well switch to another company that has a better reputation.

Well, you do have a point there. :slight_smile: