Host for Wordpress

I have tried several hosting companies for my Wordpress sites. Some have good service, but not good technology & v.v. Please recommend a company that has both. For service and technology, I need:

  • to be able to contact them by phone
  • to be able to preview a site before launch without having to adjust my hosts file
  • and I need one-click installations and updates.

The hosting companies I have tried include,, and I’m considering

i know a service provider called… their hosting service is very nice … and you can contact them via phone or email. they provide 2 type of hosting 1st is where you need to manage the things… 2nd is where they will manage the hosting for you.

I have read a lot negative reviews of them. Have no personal experience but bad feedbacks are more than positive ones.
I think marble host company is good host for Wordpress.
And they have active support with phone support.

You can try bluehost and dreamyhost to get good result. i have my personal experience with them.

Any web host with cPanel and a auto installer like Softaclous or Fantastico should be able to meet these qualifications. The big hosts tend to stuff as many accounts as possible per server which leads to horrible speeds. That is something to keep in mind.

I have to personal experience with ixhosting but i have never heard this type complain. I found good review about them. whatever i could happen with any hosting company…

Wordpress can be a cpu hog if it gets big and alot of users. I have a vps at and moved over my daily blog.I run a blog about carrots and pumpkins this time of year and it gets alot of traffic.

There are many trustworthy company to have a deal with, but what’s your budget?

Great I think hostgator is good… just try to check their Php and Mysql support if its compatible with wordpress.

Is the CMS you are using here in your site is wordpress?

Yes, he is using Wordpress as his CMS. It is PHP so any shared hosting plan that runs PHP (Linux based) will work fine.

The service that is required by you can be fulfilled at

i recommend you stablehost or hawkhost
i see a lot of positive reviews on webhostingtalk forum

Why don’t try hostgator.

Have you looked into opening an account on Or do you also have other stuff to host?

Definitely go with! They fulfill all your requirements and I host all my sites with them.

Thanks for all these great suggestions!

It really doesn’t matter which shared host you choose… the big ones are hostgator, and dreamhost. One thing you need to do is optimize your wordpress blog with a cache plugin such as w3 total cache. Decreases server load and increases page load times substantially.

I’ve upload my wordpress site on it works good and … you can update anything with one click

Have you tried bluehost ???

Please specified which hosting companies you have tried, so that we can surely help you

according to your needs DreamHost would be a good choice for you.

Best of luck