Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated vs cloud hosting

I have to deploy a web application where around 6 months a huge pile of data is expected.
While reading this I was confused.
Cloud hosting is what I have in mind.
I think it will me more manageable and cheapest among all.
And then I think of shared hosting. What if I purchase more space and bandwidth to manage data in my shared hosting plan.
The main concern here is about cost. There is a need of cheapest scalable hosting plan.
One more concern is speed (faster loading pages and database queries).

I don’t think there is enough information here to answer your question accurately.

How are you storing the data? How much data is expected in rows or GB/TB? What stack are you writing the site in? How many hits will you get compared to data? What sort of application is it, do users read or write more data? Is the data even coming from the users?

All these come in to play. Shared hosting is very slow and is made for small business sites that get less than 100 hits a month and I don’t suggest it for anything. You can get a VPS very cheap to do some of the work. Website and database storage are very different concepts.

Shared isn’t 'really scalable. One you hit your resource limits you are going to have to move to a VPS. I recommend Cloud as you suggested. You can scale it up and down which is perfect for development projects where you are adding and throwing out data all the time. It is secure and since it is a VE fail-over or redundant setup your data should always be retrievable.

All of these hosting has its strengths and weaknesses and has its place in the world of the web. You will have to choose the hosting depend upon the number of visitors you plan on seeing at your website. For your kind of information the cheapest one among these hosting is Cloud Hosting and doesn’t consume too much of the server’s RAM.

Using share hosting or VPS for 6 month project is not good idea. Because your requirement is good network for speed, unfortunately, they are sharing by host provider, your speed can be decreased very SLOW in some time.

I recommend you should use server or cloud hosting, but the good option is dedicated server, you can protect your data by your self with cheaper price than cloud hosting.

You can get VPS hosting with good up and down speeds if you find a good host. There is not a big difference between cloud hosting and VPS hosting in this sense, since your cloud a sever is just a VPS. The major difference between “cloud” and “VPS” the level of abstraction.

The big difference between them is PRICE!

I will prefer Cloud,
Because its Flexible, Scalable and Dedicated.

For Deploy Application in a easiest way try Cloudways.

Exactly the big difference here is the price, it completely depends on your budget for this project. If you have plenty of money to spending you can go for dedicated service provided by so many web hosts around the web. with my experience bluehost is a good option too. But it depends on your research. Dig for other options as well.

I have one dedicated server with the service provider and i continue to work on several different projects at once.

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