Need advice and recommendations for switching hosting companies for a business

I was contacted by a Learnable member today, that has been put in a position where he has to switch hosting companies for his business. I was hoping you might have a few recommendations for him.

He currently has a VPS, and a dedicated server. The VPS has 50 gb storage, 800 gb bandwidth, and the host doesn’t say what RAM is allocated. The dedicated has 100 gb storage, 10,000 gb bandwidth, and 16 gb RAM.

He is interested in a scalable cloud solution. He likes the idea of burstable resources when he needs them. However, a good recommendation for VPS and/or dedicated hosting is also welcome.

It is very strange that the VPS host does not say what is the RAM allocated to the account. Your contact should be able to see this in the VPS management panel. What kind of virtualization does one use?

I would not suggest one to go for a Cloud server, un less he or she know what is doing? It might prove costly as some cloud providers charge for each and everything on the account. He’d better consolidate everything on a good dedicated server. What kind of content does one host on both instances?

When you choose VPS RAM is more important. What is there virtualization ?

You shouldn’t go with the cloud server it might become costly. It is better to go with the dedicated server.

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