how to host wordpress ?

You do not have to host wordpress. Instead hosting is of domain. wordpress is a cms. It is very simple. Buy a domain. Buy a hosting from a reliable hosting company. set the dns name servers. then go to the control panel of your hosting.

Select the option deluxe fantastico.

In the left you would find option of wordpress.

Click on it. Follow the instructions and install wordpress!!! :slight_smile:


That’s only the start! Keep it up to date as they make security patches all the time. Failing to do so will make you liable to be hacked and any delays will also make later updates more difficult.



And if getting your own hosting account and/or domain seems too overwhelming, you can let WP host your blog for you at wordpress.com.

Since I assume you are fairly new, I recommend start off by installing the script via Fantastico or some installer. It will install Wordpress on your servers easily without the hassle of knowing the mySQL database lingo.

+1. We have seen enough number of WordPress sites defaced just because the owners don’t update core, plugins or themes. Or they simply keep an out-of-date script in their hosting account. For newbie such as the OP, my advice is running WordPress from wordpress.com, until you are familiar with its platform, know how to manage a WordPress site.

Agreed, hosting a sub-domain from wordpress.com is probably the best option to get your feet wet with getting into WordPress. The one click install with Fantastico makes installation a breeze from cPanel once you start getting your own domain hosted. Really its not that difficult of software to learn or maintain but as stated before previously you have to stay on top of some things or your site can become a bot playground or welcomed defacement page for hackers. Word to the wise, Keep an eye on what plugins your using when you start your site.

Wordpress is already present in your domain cpanel. If you are using cpanel to control your domain. Go to the services area and click fantastico Deluxe and in left pane you will see wordpress. Install in root directory if your domain and enjoy Blogging!

Go to http://www.wordpress.com and host a FREE wordpress. :slight_smile: You would need to get hosting for your domain name if you want to install WordPress on your own and getting full features.

WordPress is not host. It is a web development cms platform.

It is both, actually. You can have a WP site hosted for you at wordpress.com, or get the CMS code from wordpress.org and host it yourself.

Wordpress is included with the webhosting control panel like cPanel, Plesk etc. If your hosting provider is not offering this feature or if you have plain server without any control panel then you can install wordpress manually by ftp as suggested at http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress

It is also really easy to get your WordPress blog up and running by choosing a host that allows you a cPanel option. Some hosting companies even provide this as standard with a shared hosting package which is most likely what you need for a simple WordPress blog. Also, do make sure you update your content frequently for SEO and that you also update your plugins for the best security. WordPress is susceptible to hacks so keep it up to date when those security and other updates that come into the system.

as it already said here most web hosting providers do have a fantastico or scriptacolous script installer software in their cPanel available, which includes WordPress too. So you just need to click-and-install your blog. But if you are looking for an automated WordPress installation , you may try to take a look at <snip/>, they provide ready-made website delivery with the theme selection.

The OP has never returned to this thread, so there doesn’t seem to be any point in continuing to offer them suggestions. Thanks to all who contributed.

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