Cheap hosting required; space: 25 MB; Bandwidth: 1 GB per month

hi everyone,

as you must have realized that my requirements are bare minimum and i’m looking for domain registration + web hosting at less than $20 per year.

i currently do not have any plans to run perl/mysql scripts but i may plan to do so in the future but is not required.

i checked out stuff like asmallorange which was suggested by some member which costs $35 per year ($25 web hosting - 75 MB, 3 GB bandwidth + $10 domain registration)
(though after some 15% discount coupon comes down to $30)

actually my requirement is not even that much (75 MB & 3 GB bandwidth), so any suggestions?

i hope i have made my requirements pretty much clear…


Some web hosts can register domain name for you if you pay annually.

Yes, correct but from the next year the person will need to pay for the domain name renewal. This is the strategy of most of the web host.

can you please name some of them which you feel are fairly reliable?


Am I right to assume that you’re looking for US based hosting? You can also use a domain name purchased from another company with most hosting providers so you can take advantage of a cheap registration if needed.


yes, i am looking for US based hosting.

i checked out your hosting service too. its cheap but i’m looking for something still cheaper since i do not need as much space and badwidth provided by your hosting service. thanks…

I use They charge $4-$7/mo, depending on how long you sign up for.

A 1-year .com domain registration through them is $16. It looks like godaddy has them for about $11.

You can find any host which meets your need by searching the forums or by googling it. Make sure that the domain is registered under your name. IMO you should keep both separate, register domain with any registrar and then host with any reliable host.

Hi Jack,

How do you guys can afford $11 annual hosting? You sure still make a profit from it? Also how is the up time? Support? Bandwidth? Do you offer free domain registration? Sorry many questions. :slight_smile:

Either way :slight_smile:

Almost $7 a year on a .com domain goes to Verisign for administering the TLD so the registrar has to charge at least that for the domain just to break even on providing the domain. The cost for hosting will then be on top of that so even with $1 a month hosting would mean that you’d be up for at least $20 per year. The only hosting “cheaper” than that is likely to be so called “free” hosting where you pay for the hosting in some way other than money (the most common being that you allow them to collect the income from the ads they place on your site).