Hosting plans

are you paying monthly or annually of your hosting charges

If I choose a new host I pay monthly until I’ve lived with them and seen evidence of competence, support and reliability and quality, then will pay yearly for a discount, if the site it’s for has reasonably predictable requirements for the next year.

You could at least try putting a question mark at the end of the question you know. Anyway, I pay monthly for my hosting services because I change them a lot.

I pay yearly for my hosting services because I can get good service, and discount. :slight_smile:

I pay annually for hosting , Because of Discounts and who want a headache for renewal monthly

I don’t tend to change much, but even then, I’d not pay for a full year up front unless I get a very good deal for doing so - I’d rather earn the interest on the money :wink:

I am paying annually charges because get some discount offers and also renewal charges.

Once you establish that you are with a reliable host then paying annually to receive a price break is the most common practice it seems.


Like Eastcoast, I normally pay monthly until I’m satisfied that their support, technical expertise, their security, and bandwidth, CPU / RAM/ VPS/ or sites/VPS balance they strike. If I’m satisfied then I’ll pay per year.

Start with monthly, Once you get satisfactory experience with hoster you may select quarterly, half yearly or any other plan what you like.

I pay annually for my hosting plans. It is cheaper and i don’t want to bother every month with payments.

However, if you are trying something new, do you just stump up 12 months worth without trying it? :slight_smile: Its good to be able to test a service before jumping in, some hosting can add up quite a lot.

I pay mine annually, mainly because I don’t want to be bothered every month by it. I don’t take longer commitments since I am not sure whether my web project will live through the year or not :). Anyways, an advice from a person that works in the industry. Make sure the company has a good refund policy. They normally start from 30 days, but can go up to six months or more.

It’s best to pay monthly starting off to get feel of the web host provider. Then if you like the provider’s service all together, then purchase a annual plan.

If you are satisfied with the services of your hosting company then pay yearly and ask them for discount .

I pay yearly and I get a discount because of that.

Be vary careful. He’s the only problem I see about annual hosting. Not every host is like this, but just something to think about, read the refund policy and terms of service carefully. A lot of times, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. After 30 days, you’re on your own. If you pay annually, you may not get your money back for the unused months. Each host is different, but watch out.