Hostmonster Yes or No

Hi all,

I’m thinking of changing web host to a cheaper host. I’m currently using Hostmonster and paying about £65 a year and Ive never had a problem.

Just wanted your thoughts.



If you’re happy with them then you should probably stick with them. Moving to a cheaper host and then having issues would negate any saving you’d made.

Are you paying for features you aren’t using?

Is there a less expensive tier of service you could drop down to at hostmonster?

You could do worse than Hostmonster, but, based on my experiences, there are better hosts than them to be found, at a similar price. I can’t say I’ve been impressed with the direction things are going over there. In the last few months, server performance has been suffering. It could be a result of changes after EIG took them over, I don’t really know.

I believe if you are happy with current web host and believe that you pay them honestly - stay with current company.
Take it easy.

Price is an factor but it is not always good to go with the cheapest. Quality, reliability, and support are more important than the price. So if you are happy then i would suggest you to compromise with the price :slight_smile:

That’s pretty reasonable pricing you have already. You have to ask yourself is it worth risking reliability to save a bit of money. (and if the new host isn’t as reliable as the current one, are you really saving?) You might want to try contacting your current host and asking if there are any promos or loyaty rewards available that would reduce your yearly cost.

As said before, if it aint broke, why fix it? However, if you want to pay less and get more features, I recommend WebHost4Life | Web Hosting, Unix Hosting, E-Mail, Web Design (Not employed by them, or affiliated). Check them out, you might like them. I’ve used them years ago, and never had a problem with them. If I had a question on how to complete a task in the CPanel, they would get back with me in less then 6 hours.

Good Luck