Homepage not indexed & duplicate content issues

I’ve recently just started a new wordpress site, installed XML site maps & registered for Webmaster tools.

When I run a google search for “site: mysite” The home page doesn’t show up, just a few of the other static pages & some test posts that I published to test the site functionality. I have since nofollowed the test posts, removed them from the blog and resubmitted the sitemap via webmaster tools.

When I look at the site map that was submitted to google via Settings>XML Sitemaps in my wordpress dashboard I can see that the homepage (which is just the domain name, i.e. not domain/home) has been included in the submitted site map and that it’s been weighted to 100% priority. I’ve also use the platinum SEO pack to take care of page titles, descriptions etc.

When I run a google search for my domain on page 3 I get the blog page but not the actual domain/homepage.

Any idea what could be causing this?

Also when I can see that 1 of the test posts has been indexed twice by google, hence I’m getting a duplicate content error when I use pear analytics seo

I have nofollowed the post, resubmitted the sitemap and then removed it from blog via changing the post status from published to pending review. Will this solve the problem?

Google isnt done indexing your website. Eventually they will.

Try having some backlinks from high traffic sites like digg etc.

Indexing process could take anywhere from days to months. Honestly i wont worry about it.

I would suggest to speed up the process of caching would be to gain some high quality and relevant links to your website.

Don’t include a space between site: and the sitename, because if you do then Google considers them as two separate items and not all together.