Homepage is not showing in google

My Homepage is not showing up in google for the last three days.Last week my site homepage is in first page.please tell me what is the issue.

It’s hard to tell what the issue is, unless you provide more info.
My first guess, if a page mysteriously disappears from Google - chances are, it has been penalized.
Why - well, there are many reasons why websites get penalized, including unnatural backlinks, content violations, etc.

My second guess - it has moved to a second/third page.
What position did your homepage had while being on the first page? Are you using any tools for monitoring your positions? Webmaster tools can give you an idea of what’s going on.

Hope this helps.

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Do you have Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics installed on every page?



They are both free and the error messages and warnings usually link to a Google Help Page which are quite comprehensive

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I have verified google search console,there is no manual actions.sometimes only homepage is not fetching by google.May be the issue is in my homepage.

Hi,I have used Google webmaster for my site,there is no crawl errors and all.

Have you tried Google Webmaster Tools, → Crawl → Fetch as Google?

It should show any errors or warnings and possibly a helpful link.

If the site is relatively new, such as a couple of weeks old, then it is not easy to retain the initial boost that occurs with new sites. Unfortunately your site may never reach the Google first search page position again because there are millions and millions of others sites striving for the same front page.

Before Dec 20, my homepage was top position for my keywords.Why does my homepage keep getting de-indexed? No messages or warning in webmaster tools. Have also used fetch as google for link submissions.

Are you certain it is de-indexed?
Try a site search in Google:-


Put that in the search box using your own site url and it should list the pages of the site which are indexed.

Thank You.I have tried this one also.But sometimes my homepage is not indexed in google.In this cases what can I do for that to index my homepage in google.

Google does not guarantee to index all pages of a site. If you have ruled out crawl errors which could prevent Google from accessing your page, and there is no penalty notice, then there is not much else you can do. Whether or not it is included in search results is entirely up to Google.

Keep patience
Do SEO Work

Did you make any changes in robot file?

If you give me your homepage url I’ll take a look at it? Did you resolve the google indexing problem yet?

Just add URL on to your webmaster account and then create sitemap and submit into the webmaster account.

You only need to add a sitemap if your site is large, or there are URLs which may not be easily discoverable. A sitemap will not help with indexing the home page.

If you changed your site title or content then this type of problem can be happen because of search engine will index this site again then search engine will show the page again.

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