Holiday Sales Are Way Up, How About Your Revenue?

Despite a shaky economy, it’s been a big few weeks for U.S. retailers. Over the Black Friday weekend, sales rose to $52.4 up 16.4% while ecommerce is just plain booming with almost $25 billion spent since the start of the holiday season on through to last Friday.

Whether you’re using affiliate, display, cpc or any other payment methodology, if you’re tied to retail or consumer spending, network competition has been fierce to get a piece of all the shoppers which should translate back to increased ad rates across the board.

As we close in on the end of the season, let’s share what’s been working best, creative angles to monetize around all the spending and of course what didn’t change that may be on the chopping block for next year.

Feel free to be specific with networks or talk trends… and of course there’s no reason to limit it to straight media, any sort of integrations or direct sales makes for good discussion too.

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I’ve personally seen an increase in hits to my websites from keywords that include winter and/or Christmas. So I’ve made sure to have some good seasonal content on all websites to capture some of this seasonally inspired traffic. I don’t really sell any products, but I have seen advertising revenue go up this month. Which I am sure is in part to thank to the current holiday season.