Hide content from visitors and make them pay plugin

Is there a plugin to Hide content from VISITORS AND MAKE THEM pay to access the content without registratiion .

I tried https://wordpress.org/plugins/pay2view/ but it has no bulk edit features ,all job is manual way

Have you tried any of the other many members-only plugins that WordPress has listed in their plugin repository.

MAKE THEM pay to access the content without registratiion

Search for Membership Only Area and there is a long list of plugins that restrict content and take membership payments, etc. Just make sure the plugin is compatible with the most up-to-date WordPress version (assuming to keep your WordPress up-to-date), has been updated recently, has many downloads and a high rating.

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today i googled lot to find best 1 ,if u know best from link u gave ,dat will be really helpful …as googling is a long journey

Yes Googling is a long journey, but I’m not sure I really have the time to do your Googling for you. You need to just go through the list in the WordPress repository - read up on the features of the plugins that seem suitable, and then test a few of the best to make your decision.

I thought I had added to my previous post a question asking you why you wanted the users to pay without registration. I guess it didn’t save properly. Anyhow, any kind of online payment always involves some kind of registration. This doesn’t sound quite right to me.

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I diddnt mean that U should take your time googling for me,only i felt if u ever had any expertise to get me there as **i really dont want world of GOOGLE when there can be 1 specific answer ,bcoz many youth just WASTE quality time of LIFE GOOGLING including me ** thats y i come on FORUMS like .sitepoint.com

Sorry i forget to clarify about below,mainly reason was each user adds more loads to database & when its shared server i’ll always try to avoid that ,but i agree with your thoughts .
But i also feel y should we keep records when paypal already keeps authenticated record
why you wanted the users to pay without registration

You’re the only one who knows your exact requirements, @Atik1, so nobody else can really say which plug-in would be best in your specific circumstances.

It might help if you could explain in more detail how you envisage this working. Do you want this facility only for certain sections of your site - for example, downloads? If the payment is to view content that people might want to come back to, how do you see that working without registration? I can’t imagine visitors will want the hassle (or expense) of making a payment every time they visit.

A clearer idea of what you want might help others suggest a solution.


My needs are to make them pay to view text content when they visit first time & then free for say 1 month

I dont need registration option to view text ,they can simply pay via paypal & that content is free for say 1 month .

I dont want manual option when the site is huge

This is the bit I don’t understand. How will you know which visitors have already paid to see your content, and which have not, without some kind of registration?


You DO need a registration system! That’s exactly what you are describing at every stage, but you keep saying no after every person says the same as me. It’s the only way you can control who can see what.

I’ve used S2 Member on a site with various classes of membership and lengths of membership, you can collect payments via paypal, and it sends reminders when their next payment renewal is due. There are other similar membership plugins out there, google on reviews of membership plugins to see what others think.

It was a while ago that I set it up for my client, so I can’t help a lot with questions on the product itself, except to say it works and has done for three years now. I think but can’t be sure, that you could even restrict access to some areas according to membership class.

As for your earlier worry about big loads on the database - nope, no more than wordpress itself.

So. You need a membership registration system.


your options for this are very simple. As stated above some sort of registration or authentication system is required so you know what users have payed and not payed. The level of authentication can be simplified but comes with security concerns. You can register users based on the device they accessed with. This will allow you to skip the standard username and password authentication but comes with different security concerns. These concerns can be minimized but that all depends on how concerned you are with securing your content.

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What i mean was paypal already keeps authenticated record of each transaction so
dats y i’s thinking of this option


can you tell me how to execute below without plugin

You can register users based on the device they accessed with.

Tnx for your input
I rejected many membership plugins bcoz simply if database gets corrupted ,there will be time lost to manage that.
so im using this option https://wordpress.org/plugins/pay2view/ which is also too manual option bcoz of the shortcode i’ve to put everywhere.

so if u know similar option with bulk edit without registration let me know

And how will that work?

I visit your site. I make a payment via paypal, and am now allowed to access your content for 30 days. Fine. I read a few articles, then I go elsewhere.

The next day, I return to your site to read more content. How does your site recognise me as somebody who has already paid, if I have no kind of registration with which to log in?

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Have to agree with @Dr_John’s solution, I have used S2 Member on a property site for a client that wishes to hide certain properties and make them visible only to potential clients that have a logon to access them, you will need a registration system of some description… Not sure anyone else has mentioned this but Wordpress actually makes it quite easy for you to hide any page or post although I have had mixed success with this and favour S2 member as a solution…

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“I rejected many membership plugins bcoz simply if database gets corrupted, there will be time lost to manage that.”

If the database gets corrupted you loose your entire wordpress site!!!

So you install a backup program to make a spare copy of the database, or ask your host to restore the last backup they made if it gets corrupted. Or you use phpmyadmin to download a database dump once a week or whatever suits you, which you can restore yourself. This is the normal way people with a wordpress site work to get around their database being corrupted. It’s not a problem that is limited to your registration system, it’s your entire site that goes Most registration systems add extra tables or extra columns to your wordpress database, they don’t create their own separate database.


so is dere way to keep them using free content for which they paid by giving passwords to access that paid part

That would be by using a registration system

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