Need help finding a membership/subscription plugin

have looked at several membership and Subscription based plugins but
I cant seem to find one that will provide me with what I need so I am
trying to get as close as I can and then maybe have the rest customized.
I have looked at MemberPress and Ultimate Member and a few others. What
I am looking for is these features.

  1. A sign up form with custom fields and the ability to pay for the membership via the registration process.

  2. For members only pages

  3. The ability for a member or non-member to search the member database
    using the Name, region, or category fields via a form that I need on the
    home page.

  4. The ability to display basic member information as the search results
    and then click on the particular membership snippet to see more
    details. The details will be displayed in a manner that can be
    controlled via css

  5. The system will automatically send out emails to let people know that their subscription is about to expire.
    MemberPress comes really close but does not offer #4 or #5.
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks,


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