Membership option for a blogsite

Ok, I have a blog using - I offer free stuff on a regular basis on my blog without the need to register or anything - in addition to this free service I want to offer a more exclusive section to the blog where visitors can register if they like and they will receive alot more freebies and premium content than regular site visitors would but regular visitors won’t see or be able to access this section without paying for membership.

So I guess what I’m looking for is as follows:

1. How to set up a membership on my site/blog - I use so a plugin/or script would be fantastic.

2. Lastly something that will help me stop regular visitors visiting these member only pages to protect the content I will be offering.

All ideas/advice welcomed and greatly appreciated :tup:


just to update: I’ve sorted this out so thanks for everyone’s input :rofl: :rolleyes:

How did you go about it?

I’d love to hear about it, mizwizzy! :smiley:


Well I’m using Wp-Member - it’s a Wordpress Plug-in


I’m only in trial stages at the moment but it looks pretty nifty I must say… I’m also testing out an alternative paypal option aswell which is interesting called Wordpress Paypal Membership - again a plug-in for Wordpress

But i’ll update you guys on how its going with the integration :tup:

There are a few other security issues I’m concerned about with protecting pages but there are plug-ins in wordpress for this which I’m also looking into such as page-protect plus I’m also debating on whether or not to have my blog stored on the root dir or not, so again its a work in progress but my original question is sorted, no doubt i’ll have more soon :rofl:

ps: obviously this is a self hosted blog using - sorry to those of you still on the .com version! :frowning:

Good to hear about that. How to to so that?

Hey Dylan,

It’s got all the documentation you need on their website :wink:

You should also note this was my choice, this option suited me…have a google search there’s loads of alternative options out there with regard to Membership Plug-ins using so shop around and see what best suits you…hope you find something that fits with what you want :tup: