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Can you guys point me to the right spot on this forum please. I have read through a lot of articles and have seen that the majority people on this site have GREAT ideas. I am looking to create a post regarding the right or best name for our new brain game. I do not wan to spam or post inappropriately.

Our company is launching our second brain game and my idea to ask certain respectful communities to extend their hand and present some feedback. The games we build are all free to play and so far awesome word games. Our latest is an innovative word game with all new mechanics and brings so many new idea to the gaming world. If anyone agreed 20-35 male or female (female preferred) would like to beta test on an iOS or android device please message me.

Hey @rikkir, we’ve moved this to its own topic, so feel free to discuss this here. Try to avoid self promotion, though! If you describe the general nature of the game and suggest a few names you’ve tried, we can help with suggestions.

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Perfect and thanks I did not want to self promote and appreciate you treating out to me. Ok so we have the following names so far: The general concept is letters are provided to you in unique ways and become more rapid as levels are completed. you have a new challenge for each level and must spell a pre determined number of words to reach the goal and complete the level. There is no timer.

Letter Quest
Letter Streak
Letter Pops
Word Pursuit
Alpha Pop

If anyone who loves word games wants more info please message me as I am not willing to promote the game details here. We really just want to have people who enjoy such games make a difference by contributing ideas or feedback and if you like what we are doing to share it with others. We also would like to contribute to this forum in any way. I strongly believe in sharing ideas and helping people i general.

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I do love word games, but if I’ve understood you correctly, this is a game for mobile, and I don’t own a smart phone.

FWIW, Letter Quest appeals to me most from your suggested list. Alpha Pop sounds good, but only after I know what the game is about; the name itself would not make me look for more information, as it doesn’t immediately suggest “word game” to me.

Oh - and I’m female.

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This was a great reply @TechnoBear and yes this is for android and iOS phones, but have it also optimized for android and iOS tablets. I like your thoughts and agree. We also contemplated “Word Buff”, but thought it might be to masculine.

It’s funny as Alpha Betty Saga from the makers of Candy Crush released their word game I thought the same. Why Alpha as it does not describe the game as much as many other words and what the heck does betty stand for? haha They put a story together of a girl named betty and her grandfather named alpha.

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