A new game

So guys i have this idea for quite a while. I want to make a game with monster tamers/trainers thing. I was inspired with pokemon/digimon obviously but my idea is not quite same. I don’t want to reveal anything yet. So I was hoping if you guys can give me some ideas, since I’m doing this project myself. Maybe we could form some sort of team or something. As this project develops I’ll have more questions.

I can’t suggest anything with so little information. Also my knowledge of pokemon/digimon is minimal and I don’t have any clue of any games based on those. I don’t think htat I can help, to be honest

It’s an RPG of capturing and training monsters. When they reach certain level they evolve into bigger and stronger monsters. Well, to be honest, my original idea was to start making an RPG game, but because pokemon were so popular I thought that maybe I could give it a try. And now I’m sitting here with two ideas, and I don’t know what to do. Maybe to make usual RPG is much better option. I really don’t know

Start building, figure it out from there.

Learning is the important thing.

So far it doesn’t seems like you have a lot planned out.
for example do you already have a solid idea in mind, and are ready to assign tasks and direct a team. Or want a team to come up with ideas for you?

is this going to be 3d or 2d

what platform will you use. unity3d (has both options 2&3d, blender is great as well and has a game engine. 3ds max?)

I think you need to start writing down something concrete.

Monsters … i bet it will be a mobile platform game, and that it should be. Make something funny with monsters, like an eating game. Like, i have a godzilla, and every time it eats another monster, it grows bigger. When it eats similar, it grows another head, something like that. Check Hungry Shark :slight_smile: