Tutorial in adobe photoshop

i need to learn making backgound pictures like this, is there any site wher i can learn making such ( uploaded ) pictures?

Hi gura.

There is a ton of stuff like this on the web. Just google something like “create simple vector background in photoshop” and you get all sorts of results, like this:

Looking at your image, I’d guess that the creator has used some simple photoshop brushes for those curly bits. There are thousands of such brushes online. So likewise, google “photoshop brushes” and you’ll find lots of them.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

as far as finding brushes or vector graphics for backgrounds like that, these sites might be a good place to start…


some nice tutorials

Hello, it is very simple to create this types of backgrounds. go to google and download this types of brushes. you can find easily various types of brushes. Install those brushes and use it.