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I do not intend here to make strong advertising. I’m looking for more help to publicize the site.

I would like to make my website known worldwide. I know that is a big goal and I hope the tips and help from experts.

I have now created the content, optimizes the website and created different sites for different languages.

Now the site needs to be published to many people. This is possible with backlinks as I would like to move up in Google and other search engines.
According to my analysis, the theme of the site is more searched in search engines as asked in forums where you could respond with the website on it.
Many forums are set to “rel = nofollow” so that the links bring a nothing.

Did you have any ideas how I can make the website more known?

PS: If you can watch the languages Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch or French, then I would be happy if your reports you while I am still looking for translators for these pages.

Thanks in advance for your help.
I hope my post will not be deleted because I “Webmaster” forums have asked for help already for some, but this was more helpful rather than deleted.

Only without link can be the site does not show so you can not help one if you do not know where.

There are some pretty basic principles to online marketing that are spelled out extensively in many places, and I expect they apply to you as much as everyone else. What research have you done on marketing? Rather than aiming for fake backlinks (that is, backlinks that are done as favors / for payment etc.), look at building gradually with great content, and by getting active in various forums (term used loosely) like here, on social media etc.

If you look for a quick fix, you will probably go down in flames.


I am not looking for a simple solution, since this is working. But thank you ever for the removal of my links. So it is not easy to show the community the topic of the website, so also little can be said.

I have read the backlinks are very important, of course without “rel = nofollow”. (So the link would bring nothing technically me here SEO)

Now, how to get the best of backlinks? Once the site is visited, it goes by itself, but how to do it best at the beginning?

Be careful of the whole SEO thing. It’s mostly for small-minded people who want to push in where they aren’t wanted. Marketing is important for any business, but it should be ethical. Whoever told you nofollow links were worthless is a fool. A link to your site is a portal for discovery. In a perfect world, it means someone has found something useful on your site and is telling others about it. People will follow the link and come and visit. That’s good for you, and you should value it.

Search engines like Google hate people who are fixated on backlinks to improve their ranking, and are constantly working to thwart them—as they should.

Try to be more open-minded about marketing, and be prepared to roll your sleeves up and do the hard yards to get known ethically and responsibly. Those hoping that Google will do the work for them deserve to fail. (I’m being tough about it because the web is clogged with shonky SEO that makes us all miserable.)

You saw my website, you have to make an idea for marketing.

I have some links of “nofollow” forums, unfortunately, come about but few users. As would be the best method for such a site SEO, I work out. As I distinguished title, description and other optimizations.

But how do you now start with the best marketing? Many forums (like this here) support a not a link, or remove a mostly immediately or the entire post.

I think the problem is there is too much competition. Such a site will be sought by a limited number of people (for legit reasons or not). and once the potential market was recognized many decided to take advantage.

Without getting into an ethics discussion, what you need to do is make your site stand out from the rest. i.e.
More content than a one-page “app” site with social buttons.(many translated pages none the less, it’s still one page)

Competition exists in many areas. It is important that you can prevail.

Now you told me what you do not see well. It makes sense to give help would be, but knowing what you had to lift ideas to this site by others or the competition.

As I said above, you need to do some proper research into marketing. You are still in the “quick fix” mentality, hoping for a few dofollow backlinks that will boost your rankings. It doesn’t work. Marketing is a big topic, and is a lot of work to do properly. If you are really serious about it, forget about search engines altogether. Let them take care of themselves, while you focus on developing your brand and participating in circles and activities that will organically raise your profile.

The people/sites that are well known don’t spend their time spamming forums etc. They write great stuff, speak at conferences, do great work, make fruitful connections with like-minded people, become evangelists in their chosen field etc. etc.

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You have put more effort into trying to manipulate Google than you have into creating captivating content.

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Too bad that no one can have a say because the link was removed, and thus no one knows what it is for a page.
Since the meta keywords are ignored in Google and other search engines in also this helps neither the SEO still other.

You’re wrong. You’re sooooo wrong. Commeting or talking about marketing strategies has nothing to do with your site… I don’t need to see it to know what’s right or wrong futhermore when we’re talking about basics.

Let me correct your other mistake: that posting in forums (or blogs, or anywhere) simply to expose the link to your site will help you. As you have observed, the number of clicks is very low and you’re not going to get any “juice” (even if the links where “do follow”) because of the high number of links per page.

If you want your marketing strategy to work, you need to understand the kind of user you want. If that user visits forums, then posting in forums (in those forums which are visited by your target user) is useful.

Now, how useful will it be? That depends. Because if you just make a random post to expose the link then its use is little to nill. That is, if it is not deleted immediately because, after all, you’re spamming (yes, you are). But if you’re a recognized source, a trustworthy member of the forum, a real expert, the value can be really high.

And how do you become a valuable member of the fourm? By being active, helping others, answering questions and prosposing interesting areas of debate… and that requires time. And when you are a recognized expert (it is people who decide who’s the expert and who’s not), people want to know you better… and that’s when they click that link… and if what they see in your site, it is something they like, they become potential customers. And they talk about it to their friends.

At the end of the day, everything is a question of trust. If you don’t take the time to build it… they will not come


use google ads + facebook ads to get the message out there whilst your seo comes up
on the seo, the good relevant content will bring people in due time, just be patient, seo is a 3-6 months gig, although its a continuous process

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