Help Needed: Building a Freelance Design Business / Practice

hello Every one ,

I am web designer i want to make some money for running my firm please assist me,
On sitepoint where i get all these.

Do you have a business? A website? An idea for one? Or do you just want to freelance as a designer?

Firstly thank’s for replay

I want to work as freelance as a designer.

You need to get business advice, this has nothing to do with webdesign in itself.

The post was made to the business forum…

To the original poster I’m cleaning up the title a bit to help get this thread more attention and advice.

hi Ted
i want to know sitepoint is not business forum.

Not sure what you’re asking? This is the business forum and a great place for your question… Now that you’ve clarified what you want to do hopefully you’ll get a number of responses.