Need To Build A Website

Hello This is Sarkis Salleh , i just joined this forum …and looking for some advice regarding web Desging…

i got yur points my friend ,you mean if i need proper web solution than i should not think about money … correct so do u know anyone in UK from where i can get my all solution… :slight_smile:

SitePoint hosts the Marketplace, which might help you find someone you can work with. Other than that, we don’t do business referrals and such here. :slight_smile:

Just remember, you get what you pay for, and buying something cheap might not result in a product you can actually use.

Say it ‘affordable’ than ‘cheap’, cos the term ‘cheap’ also goes with the quality. I believe, Web designers’ fees depends on what you really wanted to be done on your website.

Thanks webcreationuk for replying me back… actually i am looking for an company from where i can get the full web solution with a very cheap prize… do u know anyone there in UK ?

Advice like what? Choosing a company? Freelance? Price? Design approach? SEO? What exactly? :slight_smile:

Buy cheap, Buy Twice

It’s interesting to google on Hello This is Sarkis Salleh

As he claims to be a web specalist on some of the pages that pop up…

and one says
“Would very much like to work on this project have a highly skilled team of developers”