HELP! How do I start freelancing in Web Design?

Ok, hello. I’ve literally been researching for hours on Web Design and courses and freelancing, but I don’t know which direction to take. Seriously, my eyes are about to fall out. Can someone please give me some advice. Guide me to freelancing, please. I’m what you can call an absolute beginner.

Hi, @neva, welcome to SitePoint. If you are interested in freelance web design, you need to build a solid set of skills, and then be able to show these skills to your prospective clients.

Depending on which route you wish to take, this means perhaps learning about design concepts, software such as Photoshop, and probably some coding in HTML and CSS to start with, then as you gain experience, JavaScript.

You should work on designing and building some websites to showcase in a portfolio website of your own. The more practice and experience you get, the better. Maybe make some websites for friends or local charities that you can put in your portfolio.

Word of mouth is a good way to get started. After you have developed enough skills to be able to design and develop a professional-looking website, let all your friends and acquaintances know that you are available to provide web services.

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