Considering freelancing Contracts etc

Hi all,

I have a question i am considering of doing freelancing i have a question though how safe would it be for me to re-use the sitepoint webdesign business kit contract template for my own use should i use that and get clients to sign it b4 i do the work or should i get a lawyer to check over it the reason i ask is

That my parents believe i should work for a webdesign company before working for myself but is this a good idea do you think ive worked with a web game development company for about a year i know thats not much experience but it is some.

So what do you guys think?


Why do your parents think that you should work for a company first?
Why do you want to start your own company?
What is your long term goal?
How much experience do you have and how will you get clients for the new busiess?