Help me to Install DOOR CMS!

Hy there! i looking for anyone to help me installing DOOR cms!
this software can be found here DOOR

I’ve been doing all day for that but could not finish in setup 2 to 3

here are screen shot for setup 2

after i click save button i refer to setup 3

you can see DOOR data directory doesn’t exist or it’s not writable by the Web Server. my question is were i can create door folder and change permission so it’s can be writable?

it’s really confusing me, i have change and edit config.php but don’t have to resolve!!:sick:


oh… thanks i have contact to the owner for this and done with this… :slight_smile:
like Immerse said i have to create door_data folder and change path DOOR data directory like this c:\door_data

I also don’t know the package, but for data directory you’re specifying ‘/var/door’ which is a *nix-type path, but later on it shows that you’re using XAMPP.

You need to change the path for ‘DOOR data directory’ to something like:

I’m not familiar with this package but in the other parameters fieldset the path to the door directory is listed. Although, it doesn’t make it clear whether its site relative or system relative. You could try both to find out.