How do I make a windows folder writable?

I cant make one of my folders writable or chmod is how you say it with unix. It keeps saying its read only so i right click on it click on properties then i uncheck the box that says read only but its like light grey i click ok and it looks like it works but i right click it again and go to properties it says read only does anyone have any clue?

Most of the time you don’t have to worry about file permissions on Windows. Just try your script (or whatever is using the file) and see if it works.

It doesn’t work thats why i was asking like it works fine on a linux box when its chmodded to 755 but doesnt work on a windows box

on Windows, it doesnt have chmod. You can set permission by going its properties, security tab…

Yeah i know you couldn’t chmod it i was just wondering what you would do thanks though i’ll give that a shot