Help me choose site name/domain name

Which one do you think is better for a new site. It will be a shopping search engine

Thanks in advance

If you got the domain name in .com is great.

choose this


Its got a ring to it. There’s nothing whatsover catchy about

Go for Glumbo, Unless your a Dumbo

I think if you are going to be using this for years to come, how pronounceable the name is has to come into play, with the ruddo nobody would know how to say it and when pronounced verbally it has no relevance on what the spelling may be. If somebody said “oh, just go over to” they would be able to find the .com without having to try to figure out how it was spelled.

With that in mind, there is no question which way to go to me.

What do you guys think about vs

I think will be best… as it sounds something interesting to listen but is a mere usual name kind of… but do also know what exactly Glumbo means…

Oh, I see, changing the rules on us…lol

I would probably go with the same, for the rules I have already stated above, but you know, the domain has little to do with the community around it so you may want to make sure you focus on this more than the name, heck you can change the domain when ever you like, down the road.

I’ve decided. Thanks for the help everyone

You are making mistake while showing domain name which are availible for the registration on public
If I were you I would register both of them and use redirect

I own all 3 already

Where are you getting these names for your domain?

Can’t tell you. PM me if you really want to know :slight_smile:

you guys said it all, there is no space left for me to comment, ok, i’m with you, good statement.

Both domain are already registered by him possibly. :slight_smile: He would like to know just which is better to use for shopping search engine website, I guess.

Good thing you already registered all of them. I say if time permits use all 3of them. Obviously use unique content for each but put them all out there and see which truly performs in the end. most people won’t agree with this but I think its the best way to see which name really catches on. You might be surprised!

Any. I just can’t see something specific in their names.

What will be the site about? online shopping?? seems to have a catchier name that sounds a bit more suited to shopping online.

wooooow great and big names…

Ruddo is nice domain