Web Domain Name

I’ve got an opinion poll for y’all.

At this moment, I’m stuck between:


for my freelance site domain name.

Thoughts? Any other creative names?


zwong.com is probably the best one out of the list. It is easy to remember and the shortest in .com form. If you can afford it, obviously get them all but have that one be the main one.

I’d avoid the two zachrwong options, because (a) it isn’t easy to say and (b) folk in a hurry are likely to misread and/or mistype it as zachwrong. :slight_smile:

why is this obvious?

Which would be…ironic is the word?

True to this…why do I need 4 domains?

I guess I’m leaning towards zwong.com as well.


Edit: zwong.com is taken, but zwong.us is open.

Are there general, un-written rules pertaining to .orgs and .nets and such?

I would advice against anything other than .com unless it is in addition to the (dot) com.

It is normal practice (for most users) to EXPECT and to type the (dot) com. You will give up a lot of traffic to the other sites as your [potential] visitors fumble and stumble to find your site.

Secondly, I would add to your research a check on the Google SERP for those other domain names.


What is this?


The domain name is the most important part of your website. I think [zwong.com] is good one and think of it as the address numbers on your mailbox (but each year they fall off and you have to buy new ones).

This might help.

zrwong seems to be available with pretty much any extension - perhaps for the same reason I wouldn’t use the “r” in it. :slight_smile:

zach-wong.com is available, if that’s of any interest? zachwong.com is registered to an Australian artist, so there’s not too much chance of confusion there. (A large Scottish travel company uses the .co.uk version of its name for its web site. The .com version is used by an American company of the same name, which is “the world leader in the product design and manufacture of thermal energy storage”, so they say. There doesn’t seem to be any conflict of interest, as neither company is likely to be mistaken for the other.)

Failing that, maybe you should change your name to something less common. :lol:

i would recommend either you get zrwong.com and then also buy zwrong.com and redirect it to the first one OR get zachrwong.com and then also buy zachwrong.com and redirect to the first. definitely stick with .com

He means that you should search those other domains and names on Google and see what results come up, to gauge how much competition you have with those names.

I would agree that a .com name is better. Perhaps use your name but add the word “design” to the domain. E.g. “zwongdesign”.

Just some random artist. Other than that, no others come up. Will it be too confusing? Web design v. art?


Part of the issue is what your business will be known by (or searched for). Will people be searching for you by name, or by your business name, or by what you do? I don’t think personal name searches are all that relevant in this respect.

the shortest name will do … as long as it’s still available to purchase.


As noted above, it’s already taken … unless you own it and are offering it for sale?* :lol:

(* Which, of course, would not be allowed here anyhow. :shifty: )

You should have ommitted the second part - then you could have trapped him! :lol:

Anyways…I imagine that they’ll be searching me for name along with ‘web’ or something similar. I’m pretty much decided on zwong.us. Mainly because zwong.com is taken.