Your opinion is appreciated on a choice between two names for a new project

I will be starting a new multiuser website about top lists (TOP 10 best payed actors, TOP 5 fastest cars, …) and I hesitate between two choices now.

To make it simple, what would you choose between and ? Thanks.

If you have time I’ll write a longer version of my question:

If you could give your opinion it will be appreciated as the two names for me are both not perfect and each has advantages and downsides.

Best Reviewer
Best Tops

The site will be about Top lists, but the word review has more appeal for traffic.
I know I will use those words in the sites:
best / review / top
so which ever domain name I choose is not perfect for keywords, but I’d like to have your opinion on the MARKETING side, that is which name of the two will have better effects on memory, image, etc.
I’m interested both by the effect on the visitors who will find the site in the search engine pages, the name should inspire trust enough for them to check the page. But also I’m interested in the image that it will give to the members of the site, because it’ll be a multiusers site and they will be inputting most of the content (they’ll be willing because of an adsense revenue sharing and referrals program)

I guess I’m just ranting now and any of the domain names could do, but if you want to give me your expert opinion on this, it will be appreciated, I’m not good at marketing but I know it is quite important.


Best Reviewer has more to do to your business.
Best Tops can be any subject …

In fact my plan is to get money via adsense, but also some tops can be all affiliates links.
Why go for adsense? It’s because with adsense revenue sharing I can get members to submit tops for me, that way the content will not have to be submitted by myself. I’m looking at ways to earn most money for the less work/time. That’s the goal.

Sorry I was to late for my choice. Good luck with your project.

I hope you did a lot of research on this because best reviewer might be better off as a product site not an interactive “best actor” or whatever site. Think about how you plan to make money with this site, there are better options then where you seem to be headed.

Just to let you know that I have made a choice finally it will be best reviewer, thank you for your input.

Hi James,

I’m just muttering… if something is the best… then that is on the top… and vice-versa.

I pronounce loudly: best… top… best… top… best… top…

Don’t get me wrong please, but I feel a bit confusing. In my opinion both ‘best’ and ‘top’ express similar quality. Both of them means the ‘non plus ultra’ in some category.

If I would start new site, I would keep both and split test them which brings better results.

I’m just muttering…:wink:



I agree: Good luck with your project!

But I don’t like either one.

First thing that comes to my mind is “Top Ten Lists (dot) com: The best of Everything.”

Say it, short and sweet and entirely complete.

Hello, I have done a little keyword research yes, it appears to me that best in the name is the… best :slight_smile:
Because many people are looking for best PRODUCT X, and also for reviews, and a top list can be seen as a review of the items in the list.

But tops when I look for it, the common sense is either a tops toy for children or tops for women clothes.

Tops to me has no real value but reviewer is not exactly review either.

I’m divided on this.

About domain names, what happened is I first registered but after I changed my mind and registered
And now I have paid for them anyway, so I’d can’t make up my mind just yet. I’m not against registered a third one if that’s the one I’m going to use.
But all combinaisons of keywords I’ve tried are already taken, often just for domain name parking. I am not willing ot enter the domain name selling business, I’m sure they are always ways to find an available domain name at the standard price.

Thank you for replying.

Have you done your keyword research? Also… I recommend not posting a possible domain name on here unless you already own the rights to it. Someone may like the idea so much that they go snatch it up… Either one looks great.:slight_smile:

Thank you sparkie2260 but I really wanted best in the domain name and my site is not only about top ten lists, members can choose how many items are in their top.
In fact since my last message in this thread I have open my site (as visible in my avatar and sig) and so now is too late to change the name, I won’t look back since there are already members and content being submitted, I’m just waiting for google to get the site out of sandbox now :slight_smile: