Help Creating Silos and Appropriate Keywords

I run a website about tattoo culture in New York and am fairly new to SEO. I wonder if it is at all possible that the good people on these forums could take a look at my site and meta data and help me pick appropriate keywords and possibly even help with improving my meta description. Once I figure what keywords will work best for me, I need to figure out how to create ‘silos’ for those keywords.

Thanks in advance

Given that one of the images on your homepage if NSFW, maybe you could post your meta description here and we can see how it might be improved?

And what keywords are you targetting now?

ok, not a problem

Hi Danny, had a quick look at your site and as Hyena says, some of the content is NSFW so I have had to remove your links.

I would suggest going to other high ranking tattoo sites and having a look at the keywords and descriptions they use as a starting block. AFAIK though, not much weight is given to META data anymore rather the content of the site.

Google couldn’t care less about meta keywords:

As for meta description, these are only handy because google can use them for the snippets it displays in the SERPS, but other than that they have little to no effect as far as I know.

Content is King.

Hey, sorry about that. Thanks though

Thanks guys. This actually helps a lot. I’m gonna focus more on content