Please Suggest some Helpful Points for SEO

how can we create the best seo for the search engine that the website can be found on the first page.
my site is a classified site
Please help

It would be far easier if you tell us what you HAVE tried, rather than just asking for the “best” ways to do something.

There are a ton of threads here on seo, and many different methods suggested. Do some searches and some trial and error to see what works for you.


Please provide backup for your opinions. If you just reply, do this, or I think and post a list, the chances the post gets deleted goes up exponentially…


i have listed the keywords in the meta title and discription
and what more can i do i want to bring my site on page for some keywords like free classifieds

<title>Post Free Classified Ads in India,Free Classifieds in India,Free Classified India</title>

That looks a lot like “keyword stuffing” to me. I don’t see that helping you much.
Those tags are not a place for listing things. The names of those tags give a good indication to their intended usage.

Just this would be sufficient for a title:-

<title>Post Free Classified Ads in India</title>

Repeating different variations of “Free Classified Ads in India” in the title is not going to help.
A title should be short, concise and meaningful.
Likewise with your description, you just repeat the same thing over and over with slight variation.
A description is supposed to describe what the content of the page is about, so when a potential visitor (a real live human being) sees it in their SERP they know they have found what they are looking for.
Search engine bots are far more interested in what the actual content of the page is, in order to determine what the content of the page actually is (believe it or not) and will overlook such things as descriptions. Also worth noting that the ‘keywords’ meta tag is long redundant, Google hasn’t taken any notice of that for a very long time.

My advice would be to change the title and description to something more meaningful and less repetitive.
Then stop obsessing about what is in the head section concentrate on the actual page content within the body.
PS, that does not mean keyword stuffing there. :wink:

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For SEO, the content part is the king. You have to be specific in writing your content.Proper need of writing skills is required. Next, comes about off page and on page activities. You have to perform these activities so as to generate more traffic on your website.

Hi satbeer,
some answers are allready given and since eveeryone wants or need to be on the first pare it got and never was easy. Since there are way to many factors involved to achive this in short time patient is neccesary.
Depending on the branch - there are lots of keywords which are very hard to get in on the first page. I think that for marketing reason one should consider adwords as a second tool next to seo.
For seo you have to take in consideration that the title and description tag is a nice thing and a must to have to tell prospect that it is worth while to visit your page(s) it does not bring to much for seo it the rest of your page is not good or even rubish.
In another posting of mine on this forum I wrote a rather rough outline about this subject. It might help for further going.

SEOs play with words that are commonly used by people in search engines. Try to learn what people are looking for, what is their approach in search engines. Digital marketing is something that doesn’t give you immediate results just like traditional marketing, but if your approach is creative you will surely get positive feedback. All the very best.

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I would hire someone from fiverr/upwork/etc’ that specializes in seo and backlinks purchase. It doesn’t cost a lot and if they do it correct it helps a lot.

And if they don’t?

We’ve seen a number of threads here where people have hired a supposed SEO “expert” and now need help to recover from whatever bad techniques have been used.

Be very careful if you decide to go the route of paying somebody. Google provides helpful guidelines for deciding whether or not you need to employ someone, and how to go about choosing a reputable worker/company.


Content is the more important, so we have to update site regularly or you can start blog so there we can post regularly.

I agree with you that content is the most important thing, but it’s the quality of the content which matters, rather than the quantity. There is no point in adding content just for the sake of doing so; it needs to be good quality, unique and relevant.

The OP has a classifieds site. Could you perhaps suggest some areas they could cover in a blog which would be relevant to their niche, and of sufficient interest to attract new visitors?

17-06-2016 (152 days) your website is very young, you have no social media activity, and you need good unique content

To all posters:

The OP has a classifieds site. Please ensure your replies relate to this niche. For example, explain how to create a blog or use social media for a business in this specific niche. General replies will be deleted.

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Always hire someone with a high rating and recommendations. never a new freelancer that you don’t know anything about.

Content is king and always will be. I’m still learning Seo myself but I have found long tail keywords helpful as there isnt as much competition. Regular updates to the website is essential too to keep your readers coming back.

Hope that helps.

As per post #8, can you provide some specific examples of how to use this advice for a classifieds site? (I’ve never run one, but I find it hard to see how you can do regular updates - other than ads which people are placing - or control keywords to any great extent.)

Although it is difficult to control the keywords for classified ads, you could have a blog to go alongside the classified ads site which you could use to drive traffic to the ads. This is where you could target your keywords much more effectively and of course keep it regularly updated with new posts every week.

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I’m not trying to be difficult, @Bonkers-About-Tech, just genuinely curious. You’re the second person to suggest adding a blog to drive traffic. What kind of articles do you envisage would be appropriate to a classifieds site, given the need to add blog content regularly?

You’ve better to treat to SEO specialist and let he work on this task. Because to be found on the first page, you have to work hard for 6-9 months. It is great investing for sales upturn.

Based on…?

If there is a high degree of competition in your niche, you may never reach the first page. On the other hand, if there is a low level of competition, you may reach the first page almost immediately.

These kinds of sweeping statements with nothing to back them up are not very helpful to anyone.