Have anyone tried site5 reseller account?

I looking for some good hosting resellers who offers at a reasonable price. During my search I found site5 interesting, so if anyone tried with site5 please tell me how it works and also suggest some good reseller hosting.


I don’t have any experience with Site5 but based on what I’ve read they seem to be a well respected host. Other than that a couple of other reseller hosts you may be interested in are:


Good luck!


Feel free to hit me up with any questions too, we have over 660 verified reviews at RatePoint as well:


Thanks, Ben
Site5 CEO

I’m a Site5 reseller and am very impressed. The support has been above and beyond, including from Ben. I wish I realized how much work it would take in the beginning, but it’s far better to learn how to run everything required and know what you’re doing than to have a template site where you’re selling junk.

It’d be hard to find better support than Site5 offers.

Thanks, yep I started about 8 years ago a reseller and I know its a lot of work. I wrote most of the older articles at ResellerGuide.com which is a good read if you want to see some of the problems/opportunities reseller hosting offers.

Site5 is working on a very large project to make it a lot easier to sell hosting if you are a web designer for late 2011. It is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and we have been laying the ground work for it a long time. We are going to offer a very easy way to offer hosting without having to do anything if you want that option, more details will follow in late 2011 as we finish a lot of the backend that will operate all that.

Thanks, Ben

I believe that when you chose web hosting company your own attitude is very important. In such situations I always recommend give a try company you really like.
In any way all trusted companies provide moneyback guarantee.

I see a BBB accreditation so it looks good. I only use hosts with BBB approval so they have that going for them. I’d have to try them out to check out reliability and stability though.

Thanks! Also we are Safe Harbor certified too!

And I like this much better than the BBB, it’s called RatePoint and they do verified reviews and disputes:

Its like BBB 2.0,
thanks, Ben

Finally I ended up with Site5. Frankly they are having the best customer support to my knowledge. Prompt and talented. I am really impressed with Site5.

Thanks Franklin Manuel

I considered using Site5, literally 3 years ago today, and between them and HostGator I chose HostGator. I can’t say that it has to due with what Site5 did or didn’t offer and more to do with that most of my more technically oriented friends were familiar with HostGator and had never heard of Site5 at the time.

Before speaking with most of my friends at the time, I was leaning heavily towards Site5. Ultimately I believe I would have done just a well at Site5 as I did at HostGator.

Three years ago was NOT a good time at Site5. Ben’s been able to turn it around, though, and has apparently returned Site5 to its former glory.



I guess we dodged a bullet then eh? :slight_smile: