I need to increase my adsense revenue

I have a forum site. Someone please advice the best ad placement and tips to increase traffic etc…


Well first off it’s going to be hard to find without a link that is formatted correctly.

Search the net, there is no quick easy answer.


its not easy to increase the google adsense account for this you have to get good traffic means 2 to 3 hundred unique visitors daily from world wide not particular your nation then CTR will be high and click ratio will be increase.

try to focus on US UK CA and AUS traffic these are high paying traffic region.Try improve your adsense location .

try to maintain a good SERP’s so that your click will pay high.

Adsense is known to work badly with forums, because users of forums tend to click way less than on websites, because they are repeat users.
But to optimize your adsense earnings on a forum anyway, I would put the ads above and on the left side, as well as one in the bottom of the first post in each thread. That’s about it.

You need to have new users or lots of visitors in order to increase your current revenue. As JamesColin said, your regular members are going to “tune out” the ads and wont click as often as they may once have.