Why the sudden fluctuation

For months i had been building backlinks and promoting my Disposable email site and as a result i had reached No13 in the Big G for the keywords disposable email and many other major keywords but 3 days ago it totally vanished out of the rankings,i checked yesterday and it was back in again but was No90.

On checking tonight its back up at No12 but why would this have happened was it possible google doing some for of major update,yes i am aware that updates are happening all the time but these are normally small changes in google search.

I am relieved that it has sorted itself out so would this indicate a possible major update going on,when this does happen you tend to feel gutted.

Any thoughts on this one please.

That does sound pretty dramatic. Do you think google would have any reason to give you a low quality score?

Ive just had similar problems. I saw miy site a week ago, jump to pos 3 on page 1, was 8 or so. Then immediately go back to it’s original pos 8

Yesterday. It has now gone from pos 8 on page one to the middle of page 4 results across a few keywords. Only thing I have done is added more urls into my sitemap andmore content. A lot of the html files I have created around keywords e.g brghton-headshots-photographers.html

So if there has been something going on at google, would be nice to know…


Despite this a lot of my images from these new urls have been indexed within a week and appear in google images on the main web results page for certain keywords…

I have seen people complaining about this rollercoaster effect many times. And, from what I have read Google “gurus” say is that it is perfectly normal for a page to have this rollercoaster ride once in a while, particularly when there are changes in algorithm taking place. NOW, I am not entirely sure whether this is true or not, but I have read many articles and posts about it on other forums and some blogs.

Lets hope so.

I am wondering if it’s the honeymonon period. 2 sites I have create, both got to page 1, top of the page and bottom of the page. It has been 6weeks on one and 8 weeks on the other.

I have monitored positions on both and seen them go up and down, but mainly up on variations of keywords. The 6 week site has not dropped to page 4 the other remained at the top of page 1…

Anyone know any solid figures for this honeymoon period…I think I have tried to update and create links daily for both sites, modify html filenames, add images and increase urls and update sitemaps/image sitemaps but I have slacked off a bit in the last week or so…

Sorry to hijack post but it could be similar issues…