Some thing happened to Google?

I am perplexed seeing my site’s position on Google. My site was on first page for for nos. of keyword but suddenly all except one has vanished. For different keywords competition nos. has changed abruptly, for example, for one of my keyword, where I ranked 8th, had 2.2 millions pages now it is 25 millions and my rank is 84. I have seen lots of Google dance and I think it is not another one.

When looked webmastertools data one another surprised was waiting for me, my backlinks count has reduced suddenly.

I don’t know the reason and I have not done any unethical SEO to be penalize so the incident can’t be explained. Want to know any explanation or somebody having same problem.

Has Google Caffeine started rolling?

Far as I know it didn’t.

There algorithm is always changing and sites are always moving up and down. It happened to me once with a quality site, I was ranked number one then I go screwed on month, then the ratings came back.

I noticed the index is larger on caffeine, hopefully that will benefit us.

well it usually happens coz Google never prefers to keep same same site for long time.So it could have found some more better site then ur’s,therefore it might be replaced.

It might be sandbox?

The best advice is just to keep doing what you are doing. Keep building and promoting your site. Eventually it should get back to where it was in the search rankings.

We have similar to this from time to time… a page will pretty much appear to get dropped from the index or drop a few pages for a few days then suddenly its back where it was… best advice is no knee jerk reaction but as indigo said here… keep doing what your doing and it will likely come back soon…

Does anyone know if and when caffeine is supposed to roll out? The word from G was ‘after the holidays’ which everyone seemed to think meant January… here we are getting on for March and G’s gone rather quiet on the whole thing…

oh my…I got the same problem too…it really is a big problem…I don’t what else to do now :frowning: I need advice too guys…thanks

Ya Google Caffeine is start rolling. Because few days ago google daily crawl my home page but last 15 days it do not crawl my home page it means google new search engine updating and also i see many changing in my submitted links.

Inside Webmaster tools if you find your website resulted for any query, that may not appear every time because it is just the record of your link appear in the SERP’s at that time.

What you need to do now is pray.