Has anyone used SEO services from India? I need help deciding

Hello from time to time I get SEO offers from companies in India. Has anyone used their services before? Please share your experience or feedback.

They offered to make my site mobile responsive and SSL secure badge for USD 615. My concern is that I have lot of sensitive company information in my database, such as email addresses for all the companies listed on my site.

I’m worried they will get access and copy the database as I have to hand over all my logins and cPanel control.

Thanks for any advice! It’s been a long time since I posted here :slight_smile:

Personally I disregard anyone who claims to be an “SEO Expert” as a charlatan unless they actually work for one of the major search engines. These emails go straight in the bin if they managed to pass the spam filter.
Just my opinion.


OK, I did actually remove the link from your post, but have you tried putting that URL into the HTML Validator?
It’s one way to quickly measure the quality of someone’s coding.


I also have serious concerns of any company that states they would require physical access to your account/server. Of all of the freelance work I’ve done, I can say with 100% certainty, I’ve never requested physical access. Sure I’ve had client ask me to install said changes after they were completed, but that was a step at the very end and I made zero mention of requesting for such access,


I would not employ a company which e-mailed me out of the blue and told me I needed their services. (Sending unsolicited e-mails is Spamming​.)

I would employ a company if I had determined that I needed their services, and then I would choose one very carefully. I would not pick one on the basis of a Spam e-mail. Companies which use dubious marketing methods are likely to also use poor SEO methods. (We have had more than one member posting here, looking for advice on how to recover from penalties imposed as a result of activities by an “SEO expert” they had hired.)

Google provides a useful guide for deciding whether you need such assistance, and choosing a company if you decide you do.


In the past I used freelancers from India on Odesk. Some were good and some were terrible but usually the good ones come with recommendations.

Thanks for the feedback! I have decided to use the services of my host company instead as I trust them the most :slight_smile:

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