H1 Tag Limit - Penalties - Myth Or Legend

Semantically it makes sense to have a single h1 tag on a page, however you sometimes see template systems which for whatever reason, incorporate multiple. Then of course there is the webjockey who doesn’t know any better and uses them repetitively.

When it comes to SEO have you heard of any penalties (purpose being spammish or whatever) being imposed on sites that have 3,4,5 or more per page?

I’m by no means an expert, but as I understand it, the H1 tag carries some weight in determining keywords from the search engines perspective. They wouldn’t penalize your site for multiple H1 tags, but the algorithm might not have such a clear picture if you’re using H1 tags for section heading.

Technically, in the HTML specification, H1 is for “section” headings. So to penalize sites for following the specification by including multiple H1 tags to head top level sections would be stupid. It seems reasonable to assume that the only penalties would be if Google determined that your page was just stuffed full of keywords and not real content, regardless of the tag that contained the text.

I never heard about penalties against multiple H1 tags but its better if you do not use them more than once on a single page …

I don’t think there is any penalties involved in using H1 tag. At the same time, it does not weigh much in SEO perspective. Hence, you need not bother much about H1 tag.

No there is no penalty for using h1 tag…however make sure you are not putting excessive keyword in it… i.e. spamming

Use your HTML tags as appropriate to correctly identify what your content is and you should not get penalised for it.