Updating my Display Adapter

I was trying to update my display adapter to a newer version one day and I happened to somehow revert to a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter when I uninstalled a few programs. I went to the AMD Graphics Drivers & Software webpage and selected the latest version of Radeon and after the installation was complete it didn’t update my display driver (I found one version that did work, but I forgot which version that was). The download was successful, but no updates were made. I tried using System Restore to bring back my old display driver, but the restore point from that time is now gone.

Would anyone happen to know how I update my display driver?

  • Verify your card, either by looking in the device manager or by looking on the card itself.
  • Go to the manufacturer’s site and download the appropriate driver.
    – Ensure you select the correct OS, Product and Version.
  • Run the driver software in order to install the driver.
  • Reboot.

May I ask, how do you verify your card from the device manager? I’m using Vista, by the way.

  • Start > Run
  • Enter: “devmgmt.msc” (without the quotes), click OK
  • Click plus sign next to Display Adapters
  • Note make and model of video card

Thanks, but it’s just a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. Isn’t that some type of default?

I had an AMD driver at one point, but I lost it, and every time I try to re-download a driver from their website the installation is successful it appears, but it doesn’t change a thing.

Ok, you mentioned the Standard VGA before, but I was hoping the card was still listed.

Other options:

  • Take the card out and look it over.
  • If it’s an HP, Gateway, or what not, you should be able to go to the manufacturer’s site and look up your computer by the serial number, somewhere in the specs should be the video card information.

It’s a Toshiba laptop.

I assume in order to take the card out I have to unscrew the bottom and open it up from there?

Easier would be to:
a) Look up serial or model number, look up computer at manufacturer’s website to see what hardware you’ve got.
b) Old school–remove display adapter, reboot, let windows detect. That might or might not work.

What is this? “The Crying Game”?

You say “computer”, we assume desktop.

Serial number or remove from device manager should work fine, as wwb said.