Googles indexing subdomains of my site!?

Hi. Ive just been looking into where a client’s site appears in Google. For some reason Google is indexing weird sub domains, for example: and

I have no idea why this is happening! Subdomains are not setup on the server and tehres nothing in my code that mentions ‘http:mail1’ or ‘http:demo.’

Has this happened to anyone else?

Eh? Did you created the sub domains?

I think the point was that the OP did not set these up.

Was this domain owned by someone else in the past, or was there another site at this domain before? Perhaps those are old subdomains no longer used. Although, the way you’ve posted them, they don’t look like real subdomains.

Report it to Google! I think that’s the best solution.

I wouldn’t unless it is the absolute last resort.

Hmm sounds pretty bad to me, why don’t you use Robots.txt and allow robots to crawl only to valid domains and disallow to the rest? Its an easy solution

If you dont wants to Crawl your sub Domain Than Dis Allow this Through Robots.txt!!! Because Meta Robot , Index This in Google, Use Robots.txt