Sub domain doesn't show up in google search

I was under the impression that google indexed subdomains, but treated them as if they were their own separate sites. Which is what I would like as I am trying to serve a couple of different web apps that are not really related to the content on my main domain.

abstract example:

I have robots.text as

User-agent: *

Which, uses am mistaken , should allow the page to be indexed ( or at least listed.

Now it’s been over 6 months since I created the domain, and the page does not show up on a google search, even when I search for the domain name directly ; as in typing “” in the google search bar.

that search does return the home page of “” with a link asking if i meant “mygame example” (which also doesn’t list the home page of my subdomain)

Is there something specific or additional I have to do to have google index the subdomain and have it show up in searches?

As always, any advice is appreciated.

I have used a free domain registrar for quite a few years and created over a dozen “sandbox” testing domains but… recently the registrar has suddenly closed most of the domains without warning. The free domains can now be bought for a couple of dollars more than a .com” domain!

The contents of the closed domains have now been moved to subdomains of my first ever created domain. I noticed that most subdomains, enclosed in quotes, have been found by Google

Ironically one subdomain returned a single reference pointed to the following site detailing advice on how to increase site search criteria.

The referenced site does have quite a few good suggestions regarding increasing your SEO Brownie Points.


Have your subdomains a SSL Certificate? All my subdomains use the free certification which might make a difference.

Have you looked at Google’s guidance? It seems you need a robots.txt file for each subdomain.

Well it was not the robots.txt file after all.
A subtle, but equally important, detail when submitting an index request for a single page application. “” is NOT the same as “

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