Google Webmaster tools - register two domains for the same site?

Hi all,

I have bought a and a .com for my business, both point to the same website. To be more specific the website is hosted on the domain and I have the .com redirecting to it.

Now my question is, with my address already authenticated in my Webmaster dashboard, should I try and add the .com as well? or would google see that as duplicate content and penalize me?

Ideally I would like worldwide customers to find me via the .com address, and uk customers via the

I hope all that made sense! :blush:

[FONT=verdana]Google certainly won’t penalise you for authenticating the .com in Google Webmaster Tools. What you are doing is perfectly normal. There’s no question of duplicate content, and re-directing one site to another won’t in itself hurt your search engine rankings.


Brilliant - that is very useful information, thanks Mikl !!! :smiley:

If the .com domain is redirected properly without opening any web pages, then you’re fine. You do not need to authenticate the .com domain in Google Webmaster, it does not make sense because it is the same website. You’d better not redirect non-UK visitors to .com domain unless you do host a different website with different content and visual presentation. if you provide the same services world-wide then you do not need to maintain different websites/pages.