Duplicate sites

Hi I know that Google hates duplicate content but wonder if its possible to have similar sites on 2 different domains but with text changes or if there is no way round this, whats the best way to redirect to another site so that I can maximise keywords on both domains? Any help would be grateful

With the recent Google algorithm updates it is harder to rank well for thin content or low quality pages, so if you are planning to maintain 2 similar sites, I would recommend having quality unique content on both sites rather than just doing a few small text changes between the 2 sites. If you do this you will most likely end up with 2 sites not ranking very well. I would just focus on making one quality site.

If you want to just maintain one of the sites, you can 301 redirect one domain to another.

I believe that is possible. But one day as you have said google will merge them into one site and will consider as one site only.

I don’t think that this is true, I’ve never even heard this one before.

Google has a very simple policy concerning duplicate content, they will index the first/earliest version they can find and ignore anything else. You can’t get penalised, you just won’t rank.

Google’s webmaster guidelines states:

Don’t create multiple pages, subdomains or domains with substantially duplicate content.

Reference: Webmaster Guidelines - Webmaster Tools Help

If you have essentially duplicate content and want to combine link juice, for example, you could use a 301 redirect. If you do not have the appropriate access to do a 301 redirect you can use a cross domain canonical.

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No you can not get success in both sites if you have both sites are similar. You have to use different content for both sites.

If you are planning to maintain 2 sites, you should have unique contents for each site. If not you should use 301 permanent redirect to redirect 1 site to main site. You will not have any other option.

Yes, you can create two sites on different domains with same layout and design. As your website content is different for both websites, they will not be marked as duplicate websites.

It’s possible. However, once Google finds out that you have spun content from other sites, you might get banned so to be safe… don’t do it!

duplicate sites , can damage our website pr? and i have do same website can google send them on sandbox?