Best Search Engine

Hello Friends ,

Which is the best search engine to get more traffic in present time ?

To summarize:

Google - mentioned 15 times
Yahoo - mentioned 4 times
Bing - mentioned 4 times

I think it’s safe to say google is the winner :slight_smile:


Google is the best search engine. A report from Comscore may vividly clear your doubt

“Google Sites ranked as the top search property worldwide with 87.8 billion searches in December 2009 , or 66.8 percent of the global search market. Google Sites achieved a 58-percent increase in search query volume over the past year. Yahoo! Sites ranked second globally with 9.4 billion searches (up 13 percent), followed by Chinese search engine Baidu with 8.5 billion searches (up 7 percent). Microsoft Sites saw the greatest gains among the top five properties, growing 70 percent to 4.1 billion searches, on the strength of its successful introduction of new search engine Bing. Russian search engine Yandex also achieved considerable gains, growing 91 percent to 1.9 billion searches.”

Google is best among all.

According to me, Google is King at the present time.

Google = Search Engine
The above statement will hold true at least for the next decade.


Leading search engine is google but genrally primary search engines are google, yahoo, bing etc.



Google has a market share of around 85% and other popular search engines like yahoo, bing etc and a number of regional search engines like baidu in china. All these search engines share the remaining 15% of the market. The stats shows that Google is clearly dominating the market. who is the best? The one which is the most popular , the one which is used by majority of the world population. The one which is the market leader. The Answer is obviously Google.

i can say google… since i’ve been using it for many years…and i’m really satisfied with the results… and most reviews out there can also say google…

In my point of view Google is best one and Its help to getting more provides lots of tools and plugins to work fast.

its google without any doubt

Google is the most powerful search engine. Google is delivering quick time base results which ensure that which site you are looking at is getting the higher traffic.

That’s not something I would want to admit to :lol:

Except that in plenty of countries Google isn’t the biggest search engine, like in China, Taiwan, Russia…

google is the best search engine, it is being used by all searchers in the world, aside from yahoo, bing is new and some do exist but haven’t tried it yet

Huh? No-one can “post” anything on Google. On Google can add websites to Google, and they do this in part based on the number of links to a site, on the basis that a site that lots of people are linking to is probably going to be worth a look.

No, I don’t believe that is correct.

The traffic of the site has an impact on the rankings, but it’s the site content and how often the site is referenced by other sites (which is also weighted by the quality of the site providing the link).

Google is the best. I have been used not in just specific countries but all over the world. And in all the searches held in the all over the world, Google have 80% plus shares.

In most countries, Google is far and away the most popular search engine. Over 90% of my traffic referred from search engines comes from Google - and that’s despite the site ranking more or less as well in Yahoo and Bing.

But does it really matter? The vast majority of SEO work you can do will benefit your position with each of the search engines. While they do have different algorithms, and some things will give you more of a boost in one rather than another, by and large you should focus on general good practice SEO.