Google Updates

Hi guys what u say about google updates , now google did updates u can say every day, every week or month , in last few days google update page ranks , i noticed some good page rank site go with 0 PR and N/A Rank, what u guys say about SEO point of view why google hits Good Pr Site like & to n/a 5 to 0 same as …

what is new SEO tipe to work with google , i see google making SEO to hard ,

I’d have to disagree there. I think Google is making SEO very easy.

Google’s recent algorithm changes have been about returning more accurate results for a search query. That has to be a good thing, both for the person searching and for site owners. If it works properly, then when your site comes up in the results, it should be because it’s an accurate match for the search term. So the visitor following the link from Google will find what they want on your site, and you’ll have happy, more targetted visitors and a low bounce rate.

Of course, this means that the content of your site is of supreme importance, and all those old tricks of massive link building, etc., to manipulate SERPs no longer work. So instead of trying to find more and more elaborate schemes to try to fool the search engines, you can now put all your efforts into building a great site with excellent content for human visitors - and the search engines will like it, too.

Simple. :slight_smile: