Google is in the process of updating

Just noticed today that PR changed on my site (main page went from 4 -> 5) and a few of my new pages picked up PR of like 2 etc.

This is for a domain.

Something is up with Google.

I launched a new site in early January. Google has nearly 1,000 pages indexed and is sending me traffic. On almost all the traffic I get from Google, I either rank in position #11 or #21 (yes, there are still irrelevant entries ahead of me).

My old site (the one I have complained about Google’s treatment of many times in the past) that I started in January 2006 is now getting traffic from Google. Google has about 300 of the 2000 pages indexed. 20 - 25% of my traffic is from Google. I get more hits now in a day from Google than I got in an entire month just as recently as one month ago.

Also, I noticed that I am able to find more of the Supplemental Index pages in the search results whereas before they wouldn’t be returned in the SERPS at all.

I sure hope this keeps up because that Google traffic feels as warm as the bright sun.

PR update was good for us, our sig went from PR6 to PR7. :smiley: :wink:

I’m seeing a bit of movement.

One of my site’s PR moved from 2 to 3.

One of my sites appears to be moving on some datacenters. The other site I checked has not changed.

Yay! Most of my sites have new PR.

I have an intersting observation, while PR is updating for my sites on some datacenters, new pages on my site that have been added within the past couple of weeks are not getting a PR boost even though they have been indexed by Google. This leads me to suspect that while PR is updating, it still reflects indexing information that is at least a couple of weeks old.

Google Toolbar PR is in the process of updating. My 3 month old site, <snip/> is comign out of the gate with a PR 4 and my <snip/> site is up to a PR 6!

You can check yours by going to this Future Page Rank Tool
Future PageRank - SEO Tools - Search Engine Optimization, Google Optimization

UGH!!! Mine is going down. Oh well.

edited: Maybe not…but it is lower on two of the datacenters.

Whoo Hooo!!!

My PR has gone from 0 to 4 in the last 15 minutes (3:31pm GMT+10 Brisbane, Australia). The site has been up just over a month.

Damn, it seems an age that I’ve been waiting for that to happen!

Andrew Sawyer

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But how do they know google’s new page rank system? Is this legit? I’m still the same as I am now so no biggie.

Looks like I went down one on one site, same on the other.

It’s not really “future PageRank.” It just checks all the Google data centers for your PR instead of just one. If you see one or two that are different, that could be your “future PageRank.”

Sweet! I got a two and a half month old site that’s going from PR 0 to PR 6!!! :smiley:

New SEO Consultant site jumped 0 to 5 :smiley:

Still stuck at 4 for 6 months now, I spent the whole of March building quality inbound links but to no avail this. I had stopped my backlink campaign around 3 months back and started last month to boost my PR but to no avail.

woohooo - my three month old site is finally ranked and looks like it will go straight to PR6!

Woah, i thought this day would never come.

About time…

How long does it usually take for PR update to complete? Seems like it hasn’t touched my sites yet.