Google PageRank updated, Again!

I’m speechless on this… 3 updates in less than 2 months. Any ideas why PageRank updated so often recently? So weird…

I am still waiting for more changes by panda they have some more surprises for the internet world


any one tell me is that because of page rank or some other reason.
because what i m felling about the page rank is one of the most important factor of the Internet Marketing…

Not realize that. My sites ranking remain the same.

Yes, I can confirm this also, as one of my sites a couple of months old went from PR 0 to PR 3 yesterday… it is too good to be true.

The chances are that it isn’t true :rolleyes: Any data that you see on PageRank is likely to be at best several months out of date, and at worst completely fictitious.

looks like a pr 3 to me at nubehost
this is the checker i use most often
and it checks 30 data centers.

there’s plenty of talk in other forums about this page rank ‘update’ or whatever we want to call it. seems like something happened. it’s odd though one of my inner pages that was pr 3 like almost all of them went to pr 4 then back to pr 3 and now at pr 4 again, I can’t figure it out even checking the backlinks. oh well.
yes, and as the web grows, and there are more and more pages on the internet, it becomes harder to maintain one’s page rank as it’s iterative. of course a pr 3 or pr 4 is only approximate as the real page rank is known only to the search engine and is constantly changing as the backlink profile changes etc…

My website pagerank remain the same. I checked 3 days ago and when I noticed PageRank update again on yesterday, I re-check, the results still the same.

New updates: check this Chinses guy’s blog,, PR5 for a 18 days age blog!!! What the …

The new update is really unexpected and seems like Google update it to gain their lost PR. Google re-back its PR from 9 to 10. I had a slopped from 4 to 3 in the previous update but this update remain good luck to me. One of my site moved over PR5 from 3.

If there is anyone who is stupid enough to care about their PageRank, it is not going to be Google themselves. They know full well that PR is about as important as what colour socks you’re wearing, and they just keep it alive to tease webbies who still think it’s 1998.

I’ve said it before, more times than I care to count, but it looks like I need to say it again.
PageRank doesn’t matter!

There is an update. Mine has fallen from 3 to 2… :frowning:

:rofl: Stevie, just keep shouting it. Those who have the wit to listen will hear you. The rest can keep on keeping on.

I agree, PR is one of the more then 200 of factors that define the rank in the Google SERPS so nott a big importance.

Yeah, but the fact that its just one definition to determine a sites credibility, Im still happy to get a PR1 from unranked for some of my blogs. Even though my priority is SERP, it just makes me happy seeing an increased of PR. :slight_smile:

Maybe when I got a decrease in PR, my mood will change but still not a big deal.

Whats going on with Google!!! There are so many bugs in Google algorithm, frequent page rank update and bugs in Google webmaster tool are some examples. and due to all these bugs SEO is going to be more difficult.

Yes. Google has been updated page rank again. I got pr 2 for sub domains

Hell with it… they gave PR 3 & now reduced it to PR 1.
Can someone predict when there will be next PR update?

That’s exactly what Google wants to happen…

The recent updates to the PageRank algorithm are a bit odd as they normally update it every 6 months; maybe this is an indication that they will be picking up on the service and providing updates more frequently.

Back to what Stevie said though, PageRank holds little value in the world of SEO; it is dead! It’s easy to focus on, but it’s also for the most part completely useless!