SERP update

I was wondering how often does it take for Google to update SERP.
I know that PR update is every few months, but how long do I need to wait to see my site going up on search results?


SERPS change all the time

Search results are updated continuously.

Thanx for answers, this thing was bothering me for past few days.

They are updated daily and you should not worry about that if you are not on the first page. just keep building backlinks

SERP = search engine results page

these pages are not “updated”

search engine results pages are produced on the fly – at the moment the search is executed

it’s like asking “who are the tallest people in the grand central station concourse?” – it depends on who’s in there at the moment

similarly, if you do a search for specific keywords, you will get the best pages at that moment – where “best” means most relevant

come back a few moments later, and maybe another taller person has walked in…

PR or Toolbar Page Rank (you know - that score between 1 and 10) is only pushed publicly every couple of weeks to every couple of months. Even then, it’s only a cached snapshot of a calculation done some time ago.

As cbp states, results are updated continuously - several times a day, accross multiple data centers. Google has spent $$$ in the last few years (see Caffeine) so that they can speed up their indexation and ranking.